About me

I am a physicist with graduate training in mathematical modelling and optics-photonics. I am especially interested in the development and use of numerical tools for solving complex problems in science. I have also a very strong interest for scientific communication and education.

I graduated with a PhD in physics from Université Laval in 2015. During my PhD studies, I worked under the supervision of Prof. Michel Piché at the Center for optics, photonics and lasers. I also hold a MSc in physics from Université Laval under the supervision of Prof. Louis Dubé.

Since november 2014, I work as a research and development scientist at ABB Bomem in Québec, Canada.


During my PhD studies, my principal research interest was the theoretical and numerical investigation of laser-driven electron acceleration schemes. More specifically, I did numerical simulations to study how ultrashort and tightly focused radially polarized laser beams can be used to accelerate ultrashort electron pulses from low-density gases. See the PUBLICATIONS page for links to the work that we have published on this super cool topic!

During my Masters degree, I did research on contact network epidemiology in the group of Prof. Louis J. Dubé at Université Laval. I developed analytical tools for the study of coevolutionary processes on complex networks. See the PUBLICATIONS page for more details.


2015.07.06 — The electronic version of my PhD thesis is now available on the Université Laval website!

2015.05.14 — I successfully defended my PhD thesis titled “Accélération d’électrons à l’aide d’impulsions laser ultrabrèves et fortement focalisées” in front of the jury members and an audience composed of students, family and friends. A warm thank you to all of you who came to watch my presentation! The final version of my thesis will soon be made available on this website.

2015.01.21 — Our latest paper on laser-driven electron acceleration entitled “Tunable high-repetition-rate femtosecond few-hundred-keV electron source” has just been published in Journal of Physics B. Check the PUBLICATIONS page for all details!

2014.12.01 — While I am finishing up my thesis work, I have taken a position as a research and development scientist in the systems engineering group at ABB Bomem in Québec.  ABB Bomem specializes in the development of cutting-edge scientific instruments for the space, defense, and industrial sectors.

2014.08.11 — Following the publication of our latest paper in Phys. Rev. Lett., I was awarded the student-researcher prize (prix étudiant-chercheur étoile) of Le Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et Technologies for the month of August 2014. You can read the following press coverage for more details about the work that Charles, Prof. Brabec, Prof. Piché, and I have done:
• Official press release by FRQ (in French).
• Media coverage by Calcul Québec (in French).






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